5 Activities to Reduce Your Stress Level


It is said that there is no problem in this world without a solution. But it is easier said than done, so when we enter into the labyrinth of problems, stress causes a snowball effect. While a solution is sorted out, it is very important to keep up with the emotional strength and take control […]

What is an LED (Light Emitting Diode)?


LED is basically a semiconductor device like GaAs (Gallium arsenide) and GaP (Gallium phosphide) which emits visible light when an electric current is passed through it. Generally it is monochromatic and mostly used in indoor & outdoor lighting and electronic displays. Proper combination of RGB i.e red, green and blue produce a white light, such […]

Comparing the Best Blogging Platforms


Blogging is about sharing information on the web, where the person writes a blog post on specific topic and shares the content on social networks for the people to read. It has become an effective means to express the thoughts and opinions and promote something which people are interested in. Sometimes, it may also include […]

Types of Software Used for Businesses

Business Planning

Business is a group of activities where production and delivery of goods and services are made to customers. It works as an organization where a group of people work together to achieve specific targets. Organizations typically use many software tools for automating their business processes so that they can save time to manage other important […]

Tips for Designing a Mobile Friendly Website


After Google announcing a new version of their search algorithm for mobile searches, many of the businesses started working on designing their websites to make them mobile friendly. Websites that have already adopted mobile design ranked well in the search results, while others are scrambling to make their websites compatible for mobile devices. Yet, some […]

What is the Difference Between Adsense, AdX and DFP?


Most publishers, who like to monetize their websites, primarily think about placing advertisements at the appropriate locations on their sites. Google Adsense is one of the popular advertising platform that has made it possible for publishers through which they can display various formats of ads on web pages and earn money when internet users view […]

Different Domain Options in a Hosting Service


When we sign up for a hosting service, generally we are allowed with the feature of having multiple sub-domains, parked and addon domains that are linked to our account. If we are not familiar with managing our hosting accounts, then we get easily confused between these concepts as they slightly differ in functionality and settings. […]

Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS – What to Choose?


Choosing a smartphone from varied number of models and choices is not an easier task. One of the important things to be considered while choosing a smartphone is operating system. The two major competing operating systems in the market are Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Your preferences determine which is best among these operating systems.