Wireless Networking: Very Useful to Enterprises


Wireless networking involves no usage of cables. It is the technique, by which telecommunications and enterprises reduce the cable costs for networking usage. Wireless networking system uses no medium. It uses radio waves for transmission of data etc. It provides privacy and personal computer security.

Wireless network was first implemented by IT consulting group with IEEE certified 802.11b technology. It was implemented at workplaces with 11mbps and 802.11b band width. Technology focusing on frequency hoping spread spectrum (HSS) and direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS). DSSS transmit information by dividing into small parts. It is also identified by chipping code that transmits data according to spectrum ratio. It is also useful to observe the original data and recover the damaged data. HSS used the bandwidth to split into various bandwidth frequencies, which is performance is enhanced and more consistency.

Many usages from wireless networking:

  • Through wireless networking, you can send information anywhere across the world with the use of satellite signals
  • Now a days wireless networking is being used in all enterprises for easily accessing data
  • The growth of wireless networking usage by people is increasing and using it, companies send information and share the data
  • Important advantage is, cheap cost and more fast information sharing

Many enterprises having wireless networks for work comfortable, and low cost advantages.