Importance of Updating Adobe Flash Player

Cyber Security

Flash has enabled the addition of animation, interactivity and video to web pages. According to a report, Flash as a format is used in around 95% of the PCs worldwide. Adobe Flash Player is very popular among the flash players with Adobe claiming that around 99.3% of the US web users having installed it in their web browsers. However, its popularity has gained the attention of the hackers who use it to exploit the PCs with outdated Flash player over internet. Accessing Internet with outdated flash players has some other issues too.

Issues with Outdated Adobe Flash Player
According to the report Flash Security Hole Advisory from security services provider Trusteer, 80% of users are using outdated flash player plugin. Accessing Internet with outdated flash player can leave you potentially vulnerable online. Using outdated flash player Activex and Plugin can cause browsers to crash or make them unstable while accessing web pages with rich content applications. It also allows an attacker to run some malicious code in your computer. It has become a common target for cyber-criminals, who exploit the vulnerabilities in outdated versions of flash players to silently infect web surfers with malware when visiting compromised websites.

In order to avoid exploitation on their PCs, Internet users have to update their flash player regularly.

Differences between Adobe Flash – Activex and Plugin
Internet explorer is default web browser in PCs with Windows OS. However, many users online may also use other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Adobe Flash Player has two different versions for different web browers. That is Adobe Flash Player Activex and Adobe Flash Player Plugin. Adobe Flash player Activex is used in Internet Explorer whereas Plugin is used in other popular web browsers like Firefox and Chrome. It is important to make sure that both the versions of Flash Players are updated to make your PC secure from any exploitations through flash player.

Checking if your Adobe Flash Player is Latest
There is a mechanism within web browsers to alert users whenever a new update for the Flash Player is available. However, you can use this link to know if your flash player is latest one or outdated.