Web Chicanery followed by Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster

Cyber Security

Immediately after the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, experts noticed many Internet fraudsters exploiting the situation through black hat SEO techniques.

The experts said that the criminals immediately started customizing their malicious websites, including keywords related to tsunami and earthquake, to get on top of the search results using black hat seo methods. It has been found out that they were trying to deploy malware, scareware or fake antivirus programs into the visitors computers through these sites.

Apart from scareware deployments, there can also be fake/spoofed sites posing themselves to be Tsunami relief organizations and ask for donations. Sources say that this happens every time a disaster occurs. So be sure while visiting sites related to Tsunami and even donating funds online for the victims. The less tricky thing will be to donate through the sites suggested by Google in this list.