New Chrome version released – 11.0.696.68

Cyber Security

As expected, Google released its new version v11.0.696.68, after the claims from VUPEN security researchers to have pwned Chrome. The new version of Chrome comes with the updated Adobe Flash Player 10.3.

As a reply to the claims on pwn of Chrome, security researcher Dan Kaminksy said that if VUPEN used vulnerability in Flash to bypass sandbox, then it is not the Chrome hack alone. Another security researcher from Google Tavis Ormandy said in a Twitter post that “VUPEN misunderstood how sandboxing worked in chrome, and only had a flash bug.” Google is still researching on VUPEN claims.

The new Chrome version addresses two high risk security vulnerabilities – corrects integer overflows in VSG filters and bad casts in Chromium WebKit glue and the bug fixing of Flash player plugin. Google also added the new ClearSiteData API in Chrome, so that users can manage and remove Flash cookies (Local Shared Objects).