The Power of Commitment

Self Development

Do you know what is the secret of successful relationship between two people? Did you ever look any couple and asked yourself, “If I could be that happy in my relationship.” If you knew their secret you probably could have that type of a relationship. Successful relationships are predictable. Couples who are succeeding are doing very similar things. So what is their secret? They understand the power of commitment. Commitment is tied to contentment in a relationship. If I know that my partner is committed to our relationship, and me my heart relaxes and I am more likely to enjoy my relationship. I am more willing to sacrifice and give of my self. Why because I don’t fear that my partner is going to walk out the door. On the other hand, many couples struggle because their level of commitment is in question. When couples argue and fight a lot their level of commitment to each other and their relationship is reduced. Consequently, they argue and fight more because they sense the commitment level in their partner is low. This cycle, if left unchecked, will ultimately result in the demise of the relationship. It has been my experience as a marriage and family therapist that the outcome of low commitment in relationships is high levels of relationship conflict.