Work-Study: A Financial Support for Students


Going with the graduate and undergraduate programs, in Universities is a costlier task and a dream for many. Not everybody, who wants to pursue higher studies, is blessed with financial support from parents or someone else. Work-study is for these people.

Many students rely on small hourly-paid jobs in order to aid their college fees as well as pocket money. Apart from financial aiding, this helps them to enhance their confidence levels, improve their skills and in planning their career.

Many universities in the nation provide these hourly-jobs themselves. Getting help from the college, itself mean full flexibility to do the job along with the studies, without any impact on either of them. However, there are some small and less-wealthy colleges, which are not able to provide these work-study activities consistently in all the years.

Work-studies generally do not extend more than 20 hours a week. More working hours than this will definitely have some impact on the studies.