What is Entrepreneurial Success

Self Development

People search for blogs for new or easy business ideas. That always surprises me because the key to success as an entrepreneur is not about generating ideas or finding ideas. The key is in having the discipline to wait. I know that probably surprises you; so let me go back for a second. Too often, people go about this the wrong way. They decide they hate their jobs, they decide that, for whatever reason, they want to start their own company, and so they go look for an idea. Instead I can say Ideas and opportunities for good businesses find you. You don’t find them. You should always be on the lookout for good business opportunities, even when you are happy in your current job.

When you decide you are going to do something, and are just looking for an idea, you make bad decisions. You try to make stuff happen and you end up with an idea that is good but not great. You get in this mindset that you have to do something, and you are rushed into a bad decision. When you wait, when you let the ideas come to you as you seen them, you get the chance to be selective. If your current situation is good, you aren’t in a rush to do something just for the sake of doing it. Instead, you get to wait for a good opportunity. That is the key. To be successful, you need the discipline to wait for the right idea. This may take 5 years, or it may take 5 minutes. The point is that if you rush it, you will surely make a bad business decision.