How Powerful is your Brain?

Self Development

While there are hundreds of mysteries out there on our earth, one of the mysteries is always with us. It is nothing but our brain. People try exploring secrets on the world but they could never succeed to explore the power of their brain.

When I visited a psychologist recently to help me out of exam fear, he said some kind words to soothe me out of depression. The main thing he said was that all the humans have same brain power it just defers on how they use it. Well this might be correct but I don’t agree with it. In fact I strongly oppose this thing. If every one had a brain like Einstein then why they were not able to invent many things still; something like you get to learn riding an helicopter just with a mouse click like in a movie. Sorry but the fact that I mentioned Einstein here is that I am a big fan of Einstein and strongly believe that if he were still living today he would have invented something like time machine.

The most common evidence of brain’s wonders is this very blog. How I was able to create such a big set of trash by just arranging 27 letters in different ways.