An Overview of Law Covering Employment Disability

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According to latest survey of U.S. Census, 49.7 million Americans are suffering from disability from all age groups. One act was established to help disabled people known as “Americans with Disabilities Act” (ADA). It does not cover all kinds of impairment or employment.

Some disability people encountered a common issues, who can be benefited under this act based on definition is not clear for common people. Disability is an impairment that substantially limits a major life activity for a period of not less than a year or expected to result in death, defined by ADA.

Many cases are dismissed from court because they do not come under ADA. Person with disability is qualified for employment. This act does not provide list of disabilities to be covered by the act. Own legal standards are created by the Act and they only decide whether individual is suffering from disability or not. Only individuals suffering from long term problems are considered as disabled and protect is given to them.