Nine basic Steps in Recruiting Process


If you are responsible for the day-to-day operations in human resources department then you have knowledge about the business functions. Recruiting starts with finding the right talent. Managing employees is also a part of recruiting. The following are some basic steps in recruiting process.

Job Opening: Decide who is going to conduct recruiting process. Small companies manage recruiting themselves and large companies go or recruiting firms for the same purpose.

Job Description: You should prepare a job description for replacement position and give the correct job description to the candidates.

Pay: Be clear about your budget for hiring a person for particular posts. Keep in mind, the range of the pay scale.

Advertising the position: You should advertise your vacancy to the candidates through online job board or in print media. Also check for internal candidates whether they are suitable for the current position or not.

Screening Process: Screening Process includes several steps, design each step effectively based on the requirements of the posts for which the interviews are held.

Interviewing Questions: Along with screening process, candidates interviewing questions should be based on the job profile. Create open-ended questions.

Lists of Interviewees: Create list of interviewees and explain their role while recruiting the candidates.

Check Reference: Always check reference and assign this work to one person, apart from his regular duties.

Decision time: Time required for gathering the candidates, interviewing and selecting the appropriate candidates should be determined in advance.