Know How to Dress Up for an Interview?


Many people often ignore the fact that physical appearance and the way a person presents himself plays a major role in getting selected in a job interview. It is rightly said that first impression is what it makes the best impression. And that first impression can always be secured with the help of presenting yourself best in the way you look to others. This can be done by dressing up properly while going for the interview.

Proper attire always plays a supporting role during the interviews. It shows your seriousness towards the interview and builds your image as a person. A right attire is always the one that fits exactly to the body but not in a clinging manner. It is always better to use light colors and less patterned dresses so that the attraction never goes on to your dress and also make you look cool and calm. For men, a formal shirt either plain or small checked with a suitable pant is always a best option. When it comes to women, a formal dress with less designs preferably of cotton material makes them look connected.

Even though your interview has been scheduled on Saturday or Sunday, you will be respected if you wear a formal dress. Perfect dressing will always be an unsaid compliment to the person you are going to meet. Whatever might be the changes in the trend or in the fashion, the attire for the interview should always be a business formal irrespective of the ages. Hence, it is mandatory to wear a formal when you are going for an interview.

Apart from clothing never wear too much jewelery, especially in case of women who love to wear jewelery. The more simple you are, much better you look. Avoid all the unnecessary wear which look fancy and grab the attention of the people. A simple chain, studded ear tops, simple bracelet and a wrist watch are more than enough for women. Anyhow it is not mandatory to get ready with all these things. They are optional and the maximum limit for the jewelery. Coming to the perfumes and the makeup, never make your face as if you are attending a party or a function, this make you look weird to the interviewer. Make sure that your face is fresh and dry with moist lip texture and you hair is properly combed. Using highly perfumed deodorants and body sprays should be avoided as they may make the people irritated about you.