Tips for Effective Group Discussions During the Interview


Group discussions became an important part of most of the job interviews these days. They are playing an important role as they showcase the skills of the person and tells the interviewer how effective the candidate is in expressing his views and expressions on a particular topic. It also shows whether the person is either dependent or independent in his views and opinions. It gives a wide scope for the interviewer to know more about the topic. Instead of concentration on the main subject the interviewer tends to focus on the logic and the intelligence the candidate is using to bring a solution to the mentioned question or the stated topic. Here are few tips which could help you to achieve success in the group discussions.

In group discussion every person needs to be a self starter. No one will be there to tell you it is your turn and ask you to speak. Don’t wait for everybody to complete, it is always impressive when you are the initiator. Even though somebody took the chance of leading the discussion, what you are planning to do, never hesitate or get downhearted as you missed the chance. Instead take it as a positive note and try to either support the person and expressing your view from a different angle of the topic.

Always remember group discussion is not a debate, you cannot argue on whatever the other persons are saying. It is a platform to give your views on the given topic. If you really object and do not agree with what the other person is saying, then try to project it in a polite way. Say them in the cool words, saying that ‘I do respect your opinion, however, I have my own views and let me explain what I meant’. This kind of approach and reaction to the other persons statement, makes the interviewer feel that you can deal the issues in your own ways without hurting others. At any point of interview if you find the discussion is going out of track, take the lead to bring it back which shows your responsibility.

Finally, give a conclusion to the discussion by framing all the views of the people or just by expressing your opinions which reflects that you are concluding on the behalf of the team. This shows your leadership quality.