Know About the Recruiter Before You Hire


May be you are in a confusion after looking at the title. Let me make you clear about that first. Hiring a recruiter means, hiring a recruiting firm to carry the process of recruitment for your organization. Many companies either due to lack of time or lack of expertise tend to outsource their recruiting processes to the companies which can provide right candidates at the appropriate time. This is generally called as recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and is carried out by the people who are no way related to the company. However, in assigning such a responsible task to the people who do not know anything about your company is a risky job. Here are few suggestions which could be helpful you in hiring a right RPO.

Ability to build relations: The first and the foremost quality which the recruiter needs to build is the ability to find and build relations with great people. They need to get out of their place to know about different levels of people and also to know about the professions that might be useful for their firm and for the people who they are working for. They can use best of the technology to establish relations and to maintain them consistently.

Good knowledge about the existing market: The RPO should be able to explain the present market trend and how they can quantify the supply of talent for a particular job. They have to maintain a data to match them according to the present requirement and are supposed to spend less time on the commonly available candidates.

Show Competence: The RPO’s are supposed to stand potentially competent as the competition in the mentioned fields are always rising with the increased rise of requirement. They need to establish a core set of metrics that show that they have added value, improved quality, profits and all other factors which show that they are different from the rest of the fellow competitors.

Be confident on hiring: Last but the important thing is they need to maintain the quality of the hiring from the first hire till the last hire. With consistent contact with the host company they can get inputs on the job profiles they are looking for and also can use the same points in hiring process. Above all they should be confident enough in supplying efficient manpower so that the company can continue relations with the RPO.