Want to Know about Vitamin B15 or Pangamic Acid?


Though Pangamic acid( name given to a chemical compound) is not a true vitamin, it is termed as a vitamin B15 and is water soluble. That is the body can not preserve it for longer periods and is secreted through urine. Hence it is necessary to take this vitamin in your daily diet. There is debate going on whether it is an essential nutritional vitamin.

However, this vitamin is more controversial in America and has been removed from the B-Complex vitamins. So there is no availability of this vitamin in the America’s market because it is removed by the FDA two years ago. However, America is monitoring this product usage in treating the diseases in other countries.

Vitamin B15 plays an important role in maintaining muscle tone along the digestive tract, maintains health of the nervous system, skin, eyes, mouth as well as the liver as do all the B vitamins.

The former Soviet Union and the European countries are showing more interest in Vitamin B15 because the scientists are believing that it is a very important nutrient with physiological actions that can treat a multitude of symptoms and diseases. They even showed that this vitamin supplements can reduce the buildup of lactic acid in athletes and thereby lessens fatigues in their muscles and increases endurance.

These countries use this vitamin for various problems such as alcoholism and drug addiction, mental problems such as aging and senility, minimal brain damage in children, autism, and schizophrenia, heart disease and high blood pressure, diabetes, skin diseases, liver disease, and chemical poisonings.

Some research says that if using of vitamin B15 is restricted, there are no symptoms or deficiencies or diseases are observed. Some countries are selling vitamin B15 as an antioxidant product.