Tips to Improve Your Website Download Speed


website monitoring serviceFor customers, website download speed is important because, these days many people purchase products, get information or services whatever they want, pay bills etc. through these websites because the Internet has changed the lifestyle of people. They perform every transaction in the internet without going for shopping, studying, seeing etc. This is done only when the website works properly. So, website owners should consider the download speed of the website in order to increase their profits because many businesses are running online and websites for these businesses should always be available to the users.

If a user wants to access your website, the page of a site is not loading or not available; business will lose its revenue and rankings. If search engine rank is lost people will not trust that website and move to other websites for shopping. However search engine rankings are given based on how fast or slow a site is loading when users are trying to access it.

Even some studies have proven that increasing download speeds for a website can have a dramatic effect on revenue even when the improvement is only minor. However, there are many ways to improve your website’s download speed.

Below are some of the tips to improve your download speed.

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  • Suppose if your web hosting company has too many sites on their server and are having old equipment which are not reliable, if anything improvements made for your site also no matter. Then simply switch to the other web hosting company to increase the websites download speed.
  • Remove the unnecessary code which may simply sneak into your website and this may affect the functionality of your website. Use XHTML instead of HTML in coding.
  • Never use large image sizes and wrong image format. This may takes more time to load a page. And also it is impossible for the mobile devices or tablets to view your site. So use reduced image sizes with right format can increase your download speed.
  • Using of compression software at the server side can improve the performance of your site. This technique will remove the unwanted white space within the code.
  • Computer’s cache can help you to increase your website download speed. Cache is a storage area that is located on the computers of every visitor to your site.