How to Buy a Book on


With proliferation of the Internet, buyers across the globe are increasingly transacting online to purchase books on stores such as, Barnes & Noble, to cite a few. The advent of online book stores has made things pretty much easier than ever. No need to traverse a crowded market, stroll a book mart – with Internet you can purchase the book on any discipline staying at home.

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Amazon is the first and one of the largest online book retail stores. sells books on a wide range of disciplines – cooking, housekeeping, management, research and exploration. It has in its shelf a large number of books useful for small business owners, the biggest chunk of the business entrepreneurs’ community in the United States. You can get electronic (e) version of books on device ‘Kindle’ made by the company, to read the e versions of the books. With the help of this gadget, you can shop, browse, download and read e-books from

Purchasing on Amazon is hassle free. For this, simply sign to register your email id for secure transaction. By signing in, you can receive periodical newsletters at your email address.
Amazon offers free shipping on orders worth $25 or more, under Free Super Saving Shipping. In most cases, you will get the book(s) within 3-4 working days. On the other hand, should you wish to get the same the following day, you can do so under ‘Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery.’

How to Buy Books on Amazon
Buying books on Amazon is easy. Spend a few minutes on the Internet and follow a few steps.

  1. Log into
  2. Create an account
  3. Furnish data such as your name, email, password and click continue and thus, create your account
  4. Having created your account, go to home page
  5. In the search box (at the top of the page), click on ‘all’ and select books
  6. Mention the name of the books you wish to buy and click ‘Go’
  7. You get an array of different additions of the book
  8. Check price and choose the version you like – hard cover, paper back, Kindle format or audio CD, as you wish
  9. Click on the selected version – this will take you to the page having complete details (summary, ratings, edition, author, price, discounts and reviews) of your selected version
  10. Click ‘Add to Shopping cart’
  11. If you wish to buy more books at once, then go to the previous list (page) and repeat steps, 6, 7 and 8
  12. Click ‘Proceed to check out’
  13. Click continue and furnish shipping address including, lane no, zip code
  14. Mention payment method and click continue
  15. Recheck data on product ordered, bill, shipping address and click ‘Place your order’
  16. You can check your order details in email and you are done

Regarding used books: Amazon also sells used books at nominal prices. It has links with independent used booksellers and buyers. Used books include cheap books, rare books and those books which are no longer in print.

Buying used books in is also easy. You can find the ‘buy used book’ option for any book, on the page having details of the books (refer step 9). By clicking this option, you can buy an used book by repeating steps, 10 to 16.

Buying books using Amazon is convenient. The whole site is designed to be user-friendly and gives maximum options for a customer willing to purchase a book. With such features present, small businesses can register with the site, to have a valuable collection of books.