Know the Benefits of Submitting a Website to a Web-Directory


Submitting websites to web-directories is an effective method to gain popularity. Though both the directories and search engines provide the same service, the way in which they operate is distinct. The user also may have a different experience using these two. However, as these days search engines are more popular, many people doubt the use and effectiveness of submitting websites to web-directories. For some, however, submission to directory is worth considering for following reasons.

Best way to reach prospective customers: Unlike search engines, which provide a huge list of unordered websites, web-directories provide well-organized category wise listings. A user who comes to a directory is clear on what s/he is looking for and will drill down into the categories according to it. Such a user will definitely look for either the information or to buy a product. So, by getting listed in the appropriate category the businesses have the opportunity to target the customers who are more likely to buy a product.

Quick indexing by search engines: There are two things to note. One- since the web-directories are the favorite places for the search engines to find good quality sites and content, they often visit them and hence chances of getting indexed by a search engine or more. Secondly, most search engines calculate the page rank of the site based on the inbound links the site gets. By listing in a reputed directory the website can get a valid back link, which is considered a good source by the search engine.

Can get filtered traffic: While using a directory for browsing specific information, users go through different categories and finally reach the information. Since every product is listed in its respective category, the web-directories drive the users exactly to what they are looking for. In this way every site is getting filtered traffic which is exactly looking for that kind of website.

Better sales ratios: As mentioned, since every website gets only filtered traffic which is exactly desired for such kind of product/service, the chances of the traffic turning into customers is more. With the help of better description of your website, if you make the users have different experience from that of the competitor’s website, you could get more sales and bigger customer base.

Brand awareness: Most reputed web-directories accept websites which are of good quality. They take the help of human editors to review the sites and thus their list of websites would be confined. Among those few which are listed in the directory, it is easy to get brand awareness which helps you to promote the brand.

Cost effective marketing strategy: Web-directories help websites get indexed quickly, get good page ranks, get high search engine rankings, increasing brand awareness. This way, it indirectly works as an effective marketing strategy which helps businesses get promoted much easily. If you use a free directory, web directory submissions would become a costless or even though it is paid, it charges comparatively less and thus is a cost effective marketing strategy.

All these benefits would, however, accrue to your business only if you submit your websites to reputed and credible directories.