Basic Webpages a Small Business’s Website Must Have

Business Planning

website monitoring serviceSmall businesses need to understand that a well designed website creates a positive impression about the business in the minds of customers. For that they need to make sure that their website has the main pages such as home page, about us, products, newsroom and contact us page. In this article, we will discuss about the main webpages a small business website should have.

Homepage: This is the main page of your website that a user gets to see. In this page, you need to give general information about your company, its featured products and a navigation menu.

    • – Some tips for homepage:
    • Company description should be simple, clear and brief.
    • Don’t make the page look clumsy. Mention only few key products or services that are popular.
    • Include news and upcoming events on your homepage. As it signifies that your site is up-to-date. Make sure that content in these pages is fresh, unique and relevant.
    • The page design should not make the reader to scroll left and right to access information. Create a page with minimal graphics.
    • The navigation bar should tell the type of information your site/page contains.
    • Make it easy for the visitor to navigate your site.
    • Include some testimonials on how you have helped other businesses.
    • You may include logos of your well-known clients, customers or affiliate companies.
    • You may also include call to action buttons.

About us page: This is one of the most important pages of your website. It showcases your business and the history behind it. Moreover it is a place where you can provide in-depth information about your business.

  • – Some tips for about us page:
    • Company history: Tell how long you have been in this business.
    • Company description: Tell what your business is about, what your organization stands for, what makes your business stand out among your competitors, etc.
    • Your company’s vision, mission and philosophy.
    • Management profile: Show your key employees and tell about their education, experiences and role in the organization. Also help your customers contact them via email or social media links, this builds trust.
    • Also include awards and rewards that your business received.

Products/services page: In this page, you have to describe your company products/services in detail.

  • – Some tips for products/services page:
    • Don’t limit yourself to describe products and service information such as its advantages, standards and how they are better than others. In other words, provide all the details about the product. This helps you in two different ways:
    • Helps the robots spiders in crawling for the information on your webpages
    • Helps customers to know about your offerings.
    • Your content should be informative, educative, logical, compelling and call to action, so that the customers can easily understand what you are selling.
    • Use product images or videos on how your products work.

Contact us page: This page should have a small description about your physical location, how to get there and phone number/s. This will help your customers and clients contact you.

  • – Some tips for contact us page:
    • Organization name
    • Address – zip code, city, state and country
    • Email address, phone numbers
    • Map