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Books by Leaders

JohnadairfinalJohn Adair is world’s leading authority on leadership and leadership development and one of the 40 leading people who have contributed to the development of management thought and practices across the world. This international leadership consultant advises a wider range of organizations in business, government, voluntary sector, education and health. He has written over 50 books on leadership, management and history that have been translated into eighteen languages. Here, we are mentioning books that help small business owners in developing and encouraging your employees for the organization success.

“John Adair is the first professor of Leadership Studies in the world and he remains the most distinguished figure in the field.” ~ The Sunday Times

“Authoritative and Wise.” ~ Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Management, University of Southern California

  • How to Grow Leaders: The Seven Key Principles of Effective Development ~ John Adair
  • This is a groundbreaking book on leadership development, helps managers and trainers to encourage and develop the leadership skills in others while gaining excellence as leader by themselves. This provoking book is divided into two parts:

    1. Part 1: “Exploring Leadership – A personal Odyssey” (In this part 1, the author takes you to a journey of discovery on the nature of leadership, and how it can be taught)
    2. Part 2: “How to Grow leaders– The seven principles” (In this part 2, author identifies the seven key principles and answers the questions on how to select, train, educate leaders at team, operational and strategic levels)
      1. Principle 1: Training for leadership
      2. Principle 2: Selection
      3. Principle 3: Line managers as leadership mentors
      4. Principle 4: The chance to lead
      5. Principle 5: Education for leadership
      6. Principle 6: A strategy for leadership development
      7. Principle 7: The chief executive
    3. This book is available in Kindle, Hardcover and Paperback

  • Effective Leadership Masterclass: Secrets of success from the world’s greatest leaders ~ John Adair
  • This is a wonderful guide that teaches aspiring managers on the essential leadership skills required to be a successful leader. In this book, author illustrates the principles and philosophy of great leaders such as Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great and Napoleon; Churchill, Charles de Gaulle and Abraham Lincoln; Field Marshalls Slim and Montgomery. This helps managers how to apply these principles in their own methods.

    The author elucidates various issues such as whether knowledge and experience are enough to make someone as a leader, what the critical leadership styles are. This books teaches managers to become a better manager by illlustrating on:

    1. How to remain calm under pressure?
    2. How to make the right decisions?
    3. How to communicate effectively?
    4. How to inspire while informing?

    This book consists of 10 chapters:

    1. Leadership through knowledge
    2. Leadership skills
    3. A leader of leaders
    4. Charisma
    5. The servant leaders
    6. Nelson
    7. Making the right decisions
    8. The art of inspiring while informing
    9. Styles of leadership
    10. Leadership for tomorrow