Importance of Equanimity to Business Owner

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To keep it simple ‘Equanimity’ means remaining calm, composed, balanced and evenness of temper at all times – good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant. It is referred as a state of emotional and mental stability of a person.

Cultivating equanimity helps business owners to remain undisturbed and stay balanced in the face of life’s ups and downs. Having equanimity in stressful and difficult circumstances is an essential leadership skill, especially for business owners and managers.

Importance of equanimity for business owners and managers

  • Gives emotional stability: Equanimity gives emotional stability under stressful conditions and painful experiences. It enables a person to remain calm and balanced even when repulsed by negative feelings or attracted by desires and cravings.
  • For inner peace: The modern corporate world is full of competition. There are many challenges that a business owner/manager faces in his/her day to day life. Equanimity helps you face challenges that may have seemed too difficult to overcome. It gives inner peace and helps to maintain concentration in business/job.
  • To become mentally strong: Equanimity exhibits fearlessness and selfcentredness in all circumstances. With equanimity, a person can find purpose and meaning in even the bad things that happen. It helps you build self confidence and strength to deal with whatever comes your way.
  • To provide optimistic view: Equanimity allows you to be conscious and aware of any emotion as it arises in your experiences. It will provide optimistic view that helps you to get through the tough times.
  • To make right decisions: A person with equanimity will have emotional stability and will be mentally strong to face any given situation which will help him in making the right or at least healthy decision.
  • To cultivate patience: Business owners and managers have the authority to act. But, sometimes we become impatient, it may be because we are exhausted or overwhelmed. Equanimity helps in cultivating patience and act accordingly.
  • For effective communication: Equanimity helps in bringing self-awareness and the ability to adjust our emotions with which we will be able to engage with authenticity and communicate effectively and affectionately, even during stressful times.

How to cultivate equanimity:

  • Respond, don’t react: First know the situation. Do not react to your thoughts or feelings. The actions you are taking should be governed by your wise mind. When you feel overwhelmed and stressed, stop for a moment. Reflect on your achievements, and let yourself feel proud.
  • Practice Pranayama: Pranayama is a systematic breathing exercise. Take deep breaths, it will bring calmness and the feeling of restoration.
  • Meditation: Meditation will help you in managing your mind and your emotions to give you a calmness and refreshed mental energy that will make you ready to handle any situation – good or bad.

In conclusion, equanimity is the ability to respond to situations with a balanced and an even mind. It is through equanimity that business owners and managers will find peace and happiness.