Pushing Negative Yelp Listing Down in the SERPs

Business Planning

Yelp is the most popular review site on the Internet. Business reviews on Yelp are considered more genuine and useful not only by regular Internet users but also by search engines like Google. If your business has more number of positive reviews and star rating, it makes sense when your Yelp business pages occupy the top slots of search engine result pages (SERPs). The same is not true when your business page has negative reviews and low star ratings.

While getting a couple of negative reviews is common on Yelp, making sure that the page with negative reviews is not occupying the top slots of SERPs is important to retain the credibility of the business on the Internet.

Well, how to push Yelp listing down is the question now. As the search results are organic, we cannot manage them. Pushing Yelp listing down means boosting some other pages so that they outrank the Yelp page. Remember it’s not that easy to beat a listing like Yelp, which has high domain authority, it is not impossible, either. So, all you need to do is create some good pages, build them well, continue doing some activity, optimize them with keywords and they are ready to beat Yelp.

Listed here are some ideas which could help you create well-built pages to outrank Yelp listing.

Social media sites

  • Get involved in as many social media profiles as possible.
  • Make sure to stay active, and communicate with your audience
  • Don’t just create a profile and leave it to do nothing. It’s more important that you create these profiles and use them as effectively and proactively as possible.
  • Besides social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, there are other social sites you should consider joining (depending on your industry) to increase your chances of showing up on the first page of Google. These include Pinterest, Houzz, Google+, and Tumblr.


  • In order to improve its own customers’ experience, Google uses a wide variety of media in its search results—including videos.
  • A video is 60% more likely to get ranked in a search result than a landing page on the same topic.
  • For branded search, video testimonials or any other company videos are a great way to get videos in the search results

Start a blog

  • Have a blog and publish content in the blog consistently. Write daily and blog well. This is one of the most valuable things that can out rank Yelp because good quality and authoritative content is often termed as king on the Internet. You can even be strategic by optimizing the blog pages with keywords.
  • This method is also cost-effective as there are many free blogging websites that are easy to use, and to set up platforms. Try sites like Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress and LiveJournal.

Sign up with high quality directories

  • Signing up with high quality and paid directories that are exactly relevant to your industry will help your website gain favor with SERPs
  • If the directory is highly ranked, your profile could push down other negative search results
  • Here are some ‘SEO friendly’ directories – DMOZ Directory, Yahoo! Directory, Lii.org, Business.com, Best of the Web.

Don’t give them authority

  • Make sure not to link a domain or even a page where the negative content is featured
  • Don’t even make any reference to them within the social media site.
  • Make your apology, correct what was wrong, and move on. There’s nothing else you can say or do to directly deal with the negative comments at this stage.

Create a Google Places page
Google often puts a lot more weight in terms of search engine rankings into its own social media network, Google + and other platforms, like Google Places.

Creating a Google Places page for your business may help you occupy a slot in top SERPs for your brand name. Creating an aesthetically Google Places page, full of your business’ own branding, rather than negative comments and pages is more likely to help you.

A microsite (sometimes called a minisite) is a website used to supplement a company or organization’s primary domain. A microsite will have a URL distinct from the primary domain and will have its own unique design and navigation.

For pushing down a Yelp listing, you have to create a microsite with your brand name and get it ranked for similarly branded search queries.

Make sure that each microsite has unique content in order to avoid duplicate content issues.

Hope these ideas help you beat your Yelp negative listing page on SERPs.