New App Ideas that Will Help You to Be Successful


More than two million apps are already there in Apple’s App store and Google’s play store. Still, mobile app development is in craze. The talented developers expect to create something new that will bring them success. But, is there any room for growth in the mobile app market?

According to a report from App Annie, the revenue from App stores will surpass $101 billion in the year 2020. There will be more than 284 billion downloads. The figure shows that there is enough potential in this market. It is true, that all the new apps will not be able to create an impact and will get lost in the competition. Some unique apps will definitely be successful.

So, how to break through this saturated app market? Here are some ideas to start with:

Think something new
The journey of an app begins with an idea. Research well the need and competition of the market. You will have an understanding of how well your app will be received. A well formulated simple idea can also provide enough success.
You must keep in mind that an app can be solely for an entertainment purpose or to solve a user’s problem.

Find the problems
Most of the popular apps try to solve the problems of the users. While coming up with your own app idea you may think in that line too. Focus on the problems that you face in daily life. Watch others around you and see the kind of struggles they have undergo to carry out various tasks. Not them down.

Brainstorm to explore an app that can actually help to solve any of these problems. It does not always have to be a B2C model. It can be a B2B app as well.

Take inspiration
There is no harm in taking inspiration from the existing leaders before you come up with an app idea. The app that is already liked and used by many certainly has something in it. You can evaluate the concept and build something better than that. You can even think of combining two or more apps in the App store and create something new. If an existing app in the Store is underperforming, think of creating a better version of that.

Social Media Helps
Social Media is a platform where people vent out their emotions. From there, you can have a new idea for the app. Tools, like Hootsuite or Social Mention, allow you to learn the requirements of the people.

Improve users’ experience
Explore the functions that a smartphone can perform. Is there a way to make it better through apps? A phone may be missing some feature and an app may fill that gap. An app can also improve an existing feature.

Do a thorough research
When you are trying to build an app, the primary focus has to be on research. More and more you will study the market, users’ requirements and other apps, it will be easier for you to come up with a better idea.
Though the app market is almost saturated, people are coming up with new apps that are becoming popular. With little efforts you can also do the same.

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