Tools for Mini- Garden


Getting started with a miniature gardening project for the first time can make you a little nervous. As there is so much to accumulate and do:

  • Where will you grow the plant
  • What will be the plants to grow and how to take care of these plants.
  • What about soil, watering and light requirements
  • What features to include transforming the miniature garden into a dreamland

And, the list goes on and on. On the top of that you will need certain gardening tools to make your work easier. Where most gardeners go wrong is picking any type of garden tools they see.

There are infinite supplies of garden tools in the market. But, does each of them suit your needs. Any gardening tool will not be effective when it comes to miniature gardening. You will actually need very few tools for your mini-garden. You can do most of the work with your hand. As a beginner, you can invest in some high quality tools with which you can perform many different garden tasks.

Hand pruner: Pruners are mostly used to chop the stems and branches of plants. Although, the plants used in small garden are usually of petite varieties and grow very slowly, yet if they are overgrown it may clutter the design of your garden. So, you need to trim them and keep their shapes and look intact. It is an essential gardening activity and you will need a dedicated tool for that. You can do this job with a small scissor as well. It is easier to precisely prune and snip those small plants with a scissor.

Round headed shovel: There are several types of shovels that are used for gardening. But a simple round headed shovel is most effective. You can do major part of earthmoving and digging with this tool. Even you can dig out the unwanted weeds with this.

Bow rake and digging fork: Apart from the round headed shovel, you can also keep a bow rake and digging fork in your gardening tool box. These will help you to loosen, level, smooth, lift and clear the soil. Especially digging fork is important for your small garden. if you want to change the composition or quality of your soil quickly, digging forks are exceptionally handy.

Gloves: these are most important if you are trying to maintain a miniature garden. As you have to use hands in most of the gardening activities, you need to protect them with gloves. Gloves made of synthetic leather with reinforced tips are the best. They are durable and offer flexibility.

For your small garden you may not require a water can or water hose. Sprinkling water with your hand will be much better. This way you will have control how much water to put and where to put. Small gardens have many fixtures. Offering too much water may loosen your fixtures and ruin the plants as well.

To create and maintain your small garden you will only need these few tools. Therefore, invest I highest quality products so that these last for long. Then you do not have to invest frequently in your garden tool sets.

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