Study – Night Time Usage of Smartphones Affects the Following Day’s Productivity

A new study revealed that using smartphones up to late nights causes negative effects on the following day’s productivity.

Researchers of the study are

  • Klodiana Lanaj, an assistant professor of management at the Warrington College of Business Administration
  • Chirstoopher M. Barnes, an Assistant Professor of Management at University of Washington and
  • Rusell E. Johnson, an Assistant Professor
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How to Remove Bots from Your Computer

A botnet is a virus that infects your computer, deletes files and changes your settings. It is a network of compromised systems that run on the command and control of bot masters. If your system is part of botnet, then they can harm your business data. They quietly infect your computer and its network without any warning and use your computers for criminal purposes. In our earlier article we discussed

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Pushing Negative Yelp Listing Down in the SERPs

Yelp is the most popular review site on the Internet. Business reviews on Yelp are considered more genuine and useful not only by regular Internet users but also by search engines like Google. If your business has more number of positive reviews and star rating, it makes sense when your Yelp business pages occupy the top slots of search engine result pages (SERPs). The same is not true when your

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Importance of Equanimity to Business Owner

To keep it simple ‘Equanimity’ means remaining calm, composed, balanced and evenness of temper at all times – good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant. It is referred as a state of emotional and mental stability of a person.

Cultivating equanimity helps business owners to remain undisturbed and stay balanced in the face of life’s ups and downs. Having equanimity in stressful and difficult circumstances is an essential leadership skill

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Books on Leadership – Warren Bennis

Warren Bennis is a renowned leadership expert and a scholar, organizational consultant, professor, and author. He is a Distinguished Research Fellow at the Harvard Business School. Bennis has authored more than 25 books on leadership, organizational change and creative collaboration We will discuss three of his best leadership books useful for small business owners.

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Books by Leaders ~ John Adair

John Adair is world’s leading authority on leadership. He contributed to the development of management thought and practices across the world. He has written over 50 books on leadership, management and history that have been translated into eighteen languages. We discuss books that help small business owners in developing and encouraging your employees for the organization success.

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