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Benefits of Purchasing Used Books from an Online Bookstore

You are keen to read a book and once you close, you no longer want to read the book, or if there is no change in content, say for many years, in the book. If it is really the case, you could consider buying used books. Let’s discuss the benefits of buying such books.

It saves money – you will get it at a very reasonable price
The primary benefit of purchasing used books is, they are inexpensive compared to new books. The difference in the prices of the two depends on the number of years since the book is in publication, the physical condition of the book, whether the books are easily available in market and so on. Thus, if the book is a standard text book, published many decades ago, and is still in publication, you get the books at a much lower price than had it not been so. Contrarily, if the book is one published recently, and, a few weeks, it is sensible to buy the new book upfront, instead of looking for a used one.

If you intend to buy standard text books, with features like little or no change in content, buying used books would make lot of sense as they help you save significantly.

Saves time
Purchasing a used book at an online bookstore saves a lot of time. It is because, unlike at physical stores, where you have to move, search for the book yourself, and spend time, which in turn, necessitates visiting the physical store, traveling and other associated activities.

On the other hand, on an online bookstore you have to search the book in the website mentioning its name, and you get the data of the book. All this, takes a few minutes.

Various websites sell used books – choose the one which offers at a low price
There are different online book stores. Browse the Internet and you will get a good number of websites of online stores. If you visit the individual website, you can get the details like what books the store offers, with what sops, along with offer price. Some online stores, offer used books at pretty low prices. You could choose the one offering book(s) at lower price, with free shipping, if shipping is free, you benefit more.

Shipping costs are minimal on used books
Buying used book(s) at an online store, you can get them with minimal shipping cost or nil shipping cost. Some online bookstore offer books at no shipping cost and deliver books within 24 hours. Choose one offering shipping free, as it makes more saving.

They are environment friendly
Environmental issues have raised as much concern among scientists and as among general public. Buying a used book could conserve the priceless resources, including paper for which trees are being felled, and other material going into making of books. You could consider to sell the used book you bought outright, at price you bought it, or even lower. This could help another individual to access the book at affordable price.

Purchasing used books is a sensible idea, because of low prices, and, given the content is traditional, that is one with a lot of literature around, you want dispose off the book once you close reading.

10 Worst Books on Business

Every book meant for business is often not the very best book. While some books are moderate, there are some books that are worse and not worth reading. Despite all this, these books get published and surprisingly, find readers also. This write-up, inspired from the article published in, lists the top 10 Worst books on business.

Worst book 10: Reengineering the Corporation
Close to a decade ago, re-engineering was popular among business gurus and was visualized to overhaul the business in different aspects, cost of operations and services to make the businesses more profitable.

Reengineering, however, became more current with businesses looking for downsizing and purportedly to get undue advantage of rise in the stock price. Such effects have, however, been transitory and ultimately yielded little or no benefit to the business.

Worst book 09: Jesus CEO
Christianity imbibes one to lead a life of austerity and forbids lending of money at interest. Interest is, however, a critical issue for any modern business. Businesses never abide by the biblical doctrine. Despite such hedonistic preoccupation, this book supports the popular idea that CEO of the company can be likened to a god.

Worst book 08: The Fifth Generation
This book highlights how government of Japan invested millions of dollars to make machines that work like humans with the faculty of thinking and how the government urged the US government to follow suit. Such investment yielded little to the advantage of Japan by employing a big chunk of its technical workforce. Likewise, in the US too such heavy investment proved wasteful. After close to three decades artificial intelligence is not a favourite with among investors.

Worst book 07: Business Wisdom of the Electronic Elite
This book is on how dot-com companies brought false strength to their advocates. Precisely, the book had improvised ideas culled from strategies of dot-com companies. The ideas were unworkable. This is because of the proliferation of the Internet and its favourable impact on companies.

Worst book 06: Countdown Y2K
The year 2000 brought in numerous books on the nature of the problem that was apparent in 2000. Many companies spent colossal amounts to sort out a solution. The reality was, however, the problem was there but it was not as threatening as was thought, demanding a solution. The absence of any disaster worldwide as foretold by the authors was ample proof of this.

The prediction caused panic among companies and forced to waste billions involving upgrading hardware and software, which created drastic drop in computer sales. Further, dot-com companies going bust in these days compounded the problem to plunge the economy into a recession.

Worst book 05: Dow 30,000 by 2008
This book sold so high because it was indeed different – it put the Dowjones at a never-before -position. However it stood at one tenth of the predicted number. Happily, it never went below this mark.

Worst book 04: The Leadership Genius of George W. Bush
Post 9/11, people extended support to the then President. One of the authors is so obsequious that he does not want to say the book is his work. However, the logic of such eulogy is falsified as people were seemingly happy when the President lost elections to show that as the CEO of a corporation, he was never successful.

Worst book 03: In Search of Excellence
This book is a study of America’s 43 best companies across different sectors. The book gives eight basic principles of management. However, the companies named in the book went bust soon after the book was published. The irony is that the book is still reckoned among the classics.

Worst book 02: Corporate Magick
The book is hard to read, offers confusing explanations on diverse issues. Showy. A worthless dud.

Worst book 01: Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun
The book glorifies dictatorship in corporate world. CEOs are expected of providing yeoman service to the respective organizations they serve. CEOs should not ape military dictators.

How to Buy a Book on

With proliferation of the Internet, buyers across the globe are increasingly transacting online to purchase books on stores such as, Barnes & Noble, to cite a few. The advent of online book stores has made things pretty much easier than ever. No need to traverse a crowded market, stroll a book mart – with Internet you can purchase the book on any discipline staying at home.

Books deals in
Amazon is the first and one of the largest online book retail stores. sells books on a wide range of disciplines – cooking, housekeeping, management, research and exploration. It has in its shelf a large number of books useful for small business owners, the biggest chunk of the business entrepreneurs’ community in the United States. You can get electronic (e) version of books on device ‘Kindle’ made by the company, to read the e versions of the books. With the help of this gadget, you can shop, browse, download and read e-books from

Purchasing on Amazon is hassle free. For this, simply sign to register your email id for secure transaction. By signing in, you can receive periodical newsletters at your email address.
Amazon offers free shipping on orders worth $25 or more, under Free Super Saving Shipping. In most cases, you will get the book(s) within 3-4 working days. On the other hand, should you wish to get the same the following day, you can do so under ‘Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery.’

How to Buy Books on Amazon
Buying books on Amazon is easy. Spend a few minutes on the Internet and follow a few steps.

  1. Log into
  2. Create an account
  3. Furnish data such as your name, email, password and click continue and thus, create your account
  4. Having created your account, go to home page
  5. In the search box (at the top of the page), click on ‘all’ and select books
  6. Mention the name of the books you wish to buy and click ‘Go’
  7. You get an array of different additions of the book
  8. Check price and choose the version you like – hard cover, paper back, Kindle format or audio CD, as you wish
  9. Click on the selected version – this will take you to the page having complete details (summary, ratings, edition, author, price, discounts and reviews) of your selected version
  10. Click ‘Add to Shopping cart’
  11. If you wish to buy more books at once, then go to the previous list (page) and repeat steps, 6, 7 and 8
  12. Click ‘Proceed to check out’
  13. Click continue and furnish shipping address including, lane no, zip code
  14. Mention payment method and click continue
  15. Recheck data on product ordered, bill, shipping address and click ‘Place your order’
  16. You can check your order details in email and you are done

Regarding used books: Amazon also sells used books at nominal prices. It has links with independent used booksellers and buyers. Used books include cheap books, rare books and those books which are no longer in print.

Buying used books in is also easy. You can find the ‘buy used book’ option for any book, on the page having details of the books (refer step 9). By clicking this option, you can buy an used book by repeating steps, 10 to 16.

Buying books using Amazon is convenient. The whole site is designed to be user-friendly and gives maximum options for a customer willing to purchase a book. With such features present, small businesses can register with the site, to have a valuable collection of books.

Things to Consider While Choosing Online Bookstore

The Internet has helped businesses growing rapidly. The Internet has found wide range of application in such businesses. One of such application is buying books online (online bookstore). Online bookstores have gained much popularity in recent years – customers can buy books, with just a click away. Not only are there are many benefits of buying books online, such as availability of books at affordable prices, convenience, great variety, saves traveling time and cost and a number of other benefits. Here are the things that you need to consider while shopping at an online bookstore.

Check the reputation of the online bookstore
Before purchasing books online, it is very important to consider what features make the store better than others, such as the credibility of the site, having a wide variety of books and are there any discounts/sales. You need to consider these things and compare it with other online bookstores to know the authenticity of the site. You could use word of mouth to know the credibility of the site. There are a number of online bookstores available. Choose the one that is popular for its services and offers at the best price.

Look for free shipping charges
When you place an order for a book, it is very important to check with them, if they offer free shipping or charge any shipping charges. A quality online bookstore will offer free shipping compared to others. It is always better to research the cost of shipping before you purchase from an online store, as you will save money on that particular purchase.

Another aspect of shipping is timely delivery of the book ordered. Judge the store by checking how soon you can get the book you want. You can do this by going to the shipping policy.

Check for return policy
Some times after making a purchase, you are not satisfied with your selection of the book and you want to return the book. This might be because either the book is not the one you ordered, or the one with some defect, or you do not like the book as it does not fulfill the object as you thought.

It is, therefore, better to purchase book from an online bookstore that offers 100% money back, free return shipping, and also have return window period (returning book in a period of time), as they do not charge for all these. This will enable you to purchase a book without any hassle.

Also, check whether the online store offers to take the good at any of their physical stores in locality. Some online stores offers to take such goods.

Can we get used books?
Now-a-days, buying new books is becoming very expensive, as the cost of publishing and printing have increased drastically. Or, you might need some books that you read once for all. Or you need a book that is a rare one and you never read it in the past.

In such cases, taking up a used book makes great sense. Also, buying used books online will save a lot of your money, as they are available at a very low price. Another advantage of buying used books is, after you finish reading with the book, you can sell the used book or exchange the used book with another book.

Check whether the online store would resale the books once you have finished reading and if you could request them to resell the book. By this, you can enable another reader to access the book at far below the price.

See if any discounts/sales
There are online bookstores, that offer discount/sales on books during festive season or if they want to get rid of old stock. You should look out for such discount/sales, that are held every now and then and grad the offer. Make comparative study so that you can choose the best offer and the that suits most your budget.

Tracking of your order
Once you have placed an order for the book, from an online bookstore, you can check your order status and track your order. Many online bookstore have order tracking mechanism through which customers can clearly track on their orders, such as when the order will be placed, what is the progress and if the specific book that you have ordered is not available. It will let you know by when you will get the book. This will easily help you in tracking of your order.

Easy access through phone and email
It is always better to consider the online bookstore that offers phone and e-mail support. This shows the professionalism of these online bookstores, as you can make a call or send e-mail regarding your purchase at any time and you get an immediate response from them either via phone or mail.

Most online stores have toll free phone numbers. Check their availability. Some stores offers the service around the week:24 X 7, whereas others offer the service within a specific time limits. Choose one of them as per your requirement. Alternatively, you can send email regarding the book(s) and get the books delivered.

Check with payment modes
Most online stores offer Cash on Delivery (CoD) in which you pay only after the book is delivered. Check for other payment options that will suit your need.

You can also pay the amount via a debit or credit card. You can use popular cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express for the purpose.

These points would help you choose an online bookstore as per your requirement. It depends on which store benefits you the most, given your needs and the various options in offer.