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What Personal Financial Advisors Actually do?

Personal financial advisors assess the financial needs of individuals and give assistance to them on investments, tax laws and insurance decisions. They offer advices on a wide range of topics and are mostly specialized in areas such as retirement, estate planning and risk management. Many advisors give seminars for meeting clients through business and social networking. One of the most important aspects of becoming a successful financial advisor is by finding potential clients and building a strong customer base.

Financial advisors begin to work with a client by an in-person meeting where he obtains as much information as possible about the client’s financial goals. Later he creates a financial plan for selecting appropriate investments that suits with the client’s goals, attitude towards risk, and expectation or need for investment returns.

Many personal financial advisors are licensed to directly buy and sell financial products, such as stocks, bonds, derivatives and insurance products. With the client’s permission and the agreement between them, personal financial advisers make decisions regarding the buying and selling of stocks and bonds.

Personal financial advisors like private bankers or wealth managers work for people who have a lot of money to invest, because they have so much capital and these clients resemble institutional investors and approach investing differently from the general public. Private bankers sell services to wealthy individuals and directly manage their finances. These Private bankers generally work during standard business hours, but as they work so closely with their clients, they may have to be available outside normal hours upon request.

Auto Companies to Hire More as Sales Increase

The US auto industry is now showing positive trends after struggling for many years during recession. This is also evident with the increase in hiring by the auto companies. Sinece 2009, the employment in the industry has increased from 6,32,000 to 7,00,000 people. The industry reports say that, this growth in the overall industry is due to good performance of individual companies.

As on first quarter ending on March 31, 2011, the sales of General Motors were $36.19 billion, a 15% increase from last year, Ford Motor sales were $33.11 billion, a 5% increase from last year. In 2010, Ford Motors accounted for 19% of the company’s sales.

Investors who want to invest in the US auto industry are focusing on companies like GM and Ford. GM has a trialling P/E of 7.4 and a forward P/E of 6.42. Whereas, Ford has a trialling P/E of 7.77 and a forward P/E of 6.91. Both the companies are trading at reasonable valuations, as the sales are growing.

This increase in car sales also lead for the growth of hiring in the auto industry. In America alone 10.4 million cars and trucks were sold in 2009 and 11.6 million in 2010. This year, the sales are expected to increase 13 million or more. Auto companies are taking extra effort to meet the demand. (more…)

Workplace Discriminations Increase to an All-Time High

The workplace discrimination seems to increase again. The job-bias complaints have reached a record level numbers in the fiscal year 2008, compared to the previous year.

The discrimination charges were seen to be increased in all types of factors. According to the stats released by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the charges on employment discrimination were 95,402, in year 2008. It was a 15 percent increase compared to the previous year.

Discrimination charges based on age and reprisal hiked to largest numbers, while accusations based on sex, race, and reprisal persisted as the very frequently charged cases.

The EEOC announced that it filed around 290 lawsuits on behalf of their claims. Even in the private sector, around 81,081 charges were filed. All these combined, the amount recovered totaled $376 million.

It is bad to see that the discrimination is still increasing despite of effective strategies by EEOC against it.

All about Foreign Investments

Making off shore investments can be a risky process though it offers better investment options with higher returns than that available in the local markets. If one has enough information and knowledge about the international investments, then it is possible to get super returns on the foreign investments. Just one has to make sure that has done research on the market and make wise investment choices using strong investment principles.

Investments in the foreign markets is a better options for those people who possess enough funds and want to diversify the investment in a broad way. Every investment portfolio aims at minimizing the risk of loss. And one way to do this is to include international investments in your portfolio. It is possible to invest in foreign stocks, bonds and markets. It is also possible to invest in foreign currencies and real estate.

As it is said in the first sentence though foreign investments may give better yields than the local investment options, they are a bit risky. When it comes to making foreign investments, whether it is in foreign government bonds, stocks in foreign companies or in foreign currencies, it is important to make your decisions based on sound investment principles.

Reasons Why Corporate Gifts became Successful

Corporate gifts are essential elements in the promotion of brands. If you have you ever thought why promotional products are so successful? Why corporate gifts are so well received by the clients? It is because these items are more than gifts. They are products that are very important in daily life. Every promotional item has a use or two for the recipients. That is why customers love to receive it.

There are many reasons why corporate gifts get such a favorable response from the masses. However, marketing experts allude to three important reasons why corporate gifts are popular with the audiences

Corporate gifts are freebies: –
It is human psychology that we enjoy having free gifts. In addition, if a company gives any gift then we feel that the company cares for us and we become its valued customer. Corporate gifts satisfy that psychological aspect of a consumer. There are chances that a person sticks with the organization that gives him these free gifts regularly on the success and developments.

Corporate gifts are practical items: –
Companies generally use handy products as corporate gifts as it provides them good exposure. Promotional products like key chains, wrist watches or pens or mouse mats go well with the audience as these products are of use to them.

Corporate gifts are stylish products: –
Most of the products are very stylish and unique items which provides exclusivity to the clients. Majority of the products that are chosen, as corporate gifts are very attractive and companies ensure that they are appealing to the consumers.

An Overview of Law Covering Employment Disability

According to latest survey of U.S. Census, 49.7 million Americans are suffering from disability from all age groups. One act was established to help disabled people known as “Americans with Disabilities Act” (ADA). It does not cover all kinds of impairment or employment.

Some disability people encountered a common issues, who can be benefited under this act based on definition is not clear for common people. Disability is an impairment that substantially limits a major life activity for a period of not less than a year or expected to result in death, defined by ADA.

Many cases are dismissed from court because they do not come under ADA. Person with disability is qualified for employment. This act does not provide list of disabilities to be covered by the act. Own legal standards are created by the Act and they only decide whether individual is suffering from disability or not. Only individuals suffering from long term problems are considered as disabled and protect is given to them.

Is it Good for Economy to Outsource Human Resources?

Outsourcing means not taking away the jobs from the people. It about work of one company is done in other company in different countries. If firm decides to outsource HR department, it means sending few employees to other countries for same work. This can be a question in many minds. Outsourcing is one aspect of trade and makes the economy stronger. Outsourcing HR makes the industry more competitive and can create more jobs.

Now a days, every company is outsourcing its activities despite of good in-house staff. Due to some problems faced by economy, some companies are busy in making a decision whether to continue HR department or eliminate it. For employees, chance to increase their efficiency and many more are increased with HR out-sourcing. Most out-sourcing companies are focusing to hire most qualified and experienced HR professionals.

With HR outsourcing, company can get more efficiently done HR task at lower cost and ability to spend money and time on other departments like sales, marketing, etc., are also increased.

Is Financial Dependence Good in Relationships?

No. Because if one person is dependant on another for their financial well-being, problems always result, and many times these relationships become unhealthy almost overnight. Most of the people stay in relationships because they fear that they can’t make it on their own. Possibly they aren’t getting along with their important other, or are even long-term abuse, but stay where they are for fear of financial destitution. Money can create a gap between too people faster than almost any other situation, and if you can’t leave your boyfriend or girlfriend because they are monetarily supporting you, it’s time to reconsider the relationship.

The reverse is also true. Let’s say that you are the primary wage earner of the home, but you’re important other is slowly but steadily draining all of your resources. It may seem like every time you bring home a paycheck, it’s gone before the funds even make it to the bank. This is also an unenthusiastic situation, because you will storm up unable to support yourself or your partner. You must understand that relationships are two-way streets. If you aren’t able to meet each other halfway, then you just don’t belong together. When one person contributes everything to the relationship be it money, affection, attention or love the other loses on all accounts. Relationships should be healthy from both sides of the coin, and if one or the other is putting forth all the effort, the relationship is doomed no matter what the other circumstances.