Necessary Skills Required for a Manager

A Manager should be a skilled person for small as well as large businesses. Managers manage the entire team and run the business by increasing the profits. Managers should have the capabilities to take the right decision at the critical situations. Managers at the business operations need more skills for proper planning, decision making, controlling, directing and problem solving.

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Tips for Effective Group Discussions During the Interview

Group discussions became an important part of most of the job interviews these days. They are playing an important role as they showcase the skills of the person and tells the interviewer how effective the candidate is in expressing his views and expressions on a particular topic. It also shows whether the person is either dependent or independent in his views and opinions. It gives a wide scope for the

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Know About the Recruiter Before You Hire

May be you are in a confusion after looking at the title. Let me make you clear about that first. Hiring a recruiter means, hiring a recruiting firm to carry the process of recruitment for your organization. Many companies either due to lack of time or lack of expertise tend to outsource their recruiting processes to the companies which can provide right candidates at the appropriate time. This is generally

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Know How to Dress Up for an Interview?

Many people often ignore the fact that physical appearance and the way a person presents himself plays a major role in getting selected in a job interview. It is rightly said that first impression is what it makes the best impression. And that first impression can always be secured with the help of presenting yourself best in the way you look to others. This can be done by dressing up

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Nine basic Steps in Recruiting Process

If you are responsible for the day-to-day operations in human resources department then you have knowledge about the business functions. Recruiting starts with finding the right talent. Managing employees is also a part of recruiting. The following are some basic steps in recruiting process.

Job Opening: Decide who is going to conduct recruiting process. Small companies manage recruiting themselves and large companies go or recruiting firms for the same

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All about Clean Tech Recruiters

I had an opinion that the recruiting firm has only one type of recruiters. My view about recruiting firm has changed after visiting a recruiting firm, these firms has different types of recruiters for providing different services.

Recruiting is an unsolicited contact of business, which helps in selecting good candidates for different positions for their clients. For many businesses, recruiting is a far most cost-effective form for the companies

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How to Use Recruiting Agency Services

Recruiting firm offers many services, and very helpful for many business. These services are used by both job-seekers and companies. But there are few considerations that are to be followed before signing up a recruiting agency.

Recruiting firm doesn’t act as candidate’s personal job hunter; it acts as an agent between the job-seeker and employer. Many job-seekers are has an opinion that recruiting firm provides distinct services when compared

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Role of Recruiters in Success of a Company

Recruiting became an individual business from past few years, by increasing the number of companies operating in the society with many branches. Companies operations have increased drastically and there is no time or personnel skill in recruiting the right candidates, so they go for recruiting firm. Recruiting firms select the candidates based on the requirements given by the clients and sends them to their client’s for final interview and charges

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