Study – Night Time Usage of Smartphones Affects the Following Day’s Productivity

A new study revealed that using smartphones up to late nights causes negative effects on the following day’s productivity.

Researchers of the study are

  • Klodiana Lanaj, an assistant professor of management at the Warrington College of Business Administration
  • Chirstoopher M. Barnes, an Assistant Professor of Management at University of Washington and
  • Rusell E. Johnson, an Assistant Professor
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Importance of Equanimity to Business Owner

To keep it simple ‘Equanimity’ means remaining calm, composed, balanced and evenness of temper at all times – good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant. It is referred as a state of emotional and mental stability of a person.

Cultivating equanimity helps business owners to remain undisturbed and stay balanced in the face of life’s ups and downs. Having equanimity in stressful and difficult circumstances is an essential leadership skill

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Innovative Management Methods from Real Life – Holacracy

The Las Vegas-based online retailer Zappos – replaced the traditional top-down hierarchy approach with a new Holacracy approach where there are no formal bosses, no job titles and where the employees set their own priorities. This innovative approach was developed by a business guru Brain Robertson with the idea to give employees more of voice and to keep the organization from becoming too rigid or bureaucratic.

This model is

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How Powerful is your Brain?

While there are hundreds of mysteries out there on our earth, one of the mysteries is always with us. It is nothing but our brain. People try exploring secrets on the world but they could never succeed to explore the power of their brain.

When I visited a psychologist recently to help me out of exam fear, he said some kind words to soothe me out of depression. The

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Knowledge Representation Overview

Knowledge state is a subject in cognitive science as well as in artificial info and knowledge modeling. In cognitive science it is concerned with how grouping store and process information. In Artificial intelligence (AI) and knowledge modeling (KM) it is a way to store knowledge so that programs can process it and use it for example to support computer-aided design or to emulate human intelligence. AI researchers have borrowed state

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What is Entrepreneurial Success

People search for blogs for new or easy business ideas. That always surprises me because the key to success as an entrepreneur is not about generating ideas or finding ideas. The key is in having the discipline to wait. I know that probably surprises you; so let me go back for a second. Too often, people go about this the wrong way. They decide they hate their jobs, they decide

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Importance of Gratitude in Life?

In recent times everyone is concerned only about three things looks, money and fame, if you don’t posses them then no only will be ready to accept that you are good. You need to overcome the feeling of regret and sorrow. You can follow the following steps for this.

Gratitude is one thing you should posses to your self, look outside from your own world and see you have

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Competitive Analysis & Intelligence

Competitive Business Marketing Research and Analysis is one of the good ways to evaluate and re-evaluate your business and have it backwards on course. Internet Marketing Research is tailored for every online job activities to assist them remain on side of new methodology and issues. Online Marketing Research enables us to have a margin on your contest. Obtaining this data allows us to have strong job decisions in constructing a

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