How to Find the Best Web Directory to Submit Your Website?

Submitting websites to web directories is one of the best ways to promote your business website. However, given the plethora of directories, it is difficult for a newbie to know which one is really good and which is not. Since the credibility of the web directory plays a vital role in bringing forth the best, it is important to make a smart choice. This article is about the ways to

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Know the Benefits of Submitting a Website to a Web-Directory

Submitting websites to web-directories is an effective method to gain popularity. Though both the directories and search engines provide the same service, the way in which they operate is distinct. The user also may have a different experience using these two. However, as these days search engines are more popular, many people doubt the use and effectiveness of submitting websites to web-directories. For some, however, submission to directory is worth

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What are the Various Deployment Models of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides a new way for organizations to manage computing resources. Instead of purchasing, installing and maintaining hardware and software, organizations rent the shared resources from an online service provider and dynamically configure the resources by themselves. This computing model speeds up the deployment and reduces cost. There are four deployment options for cloud computing.

site monitoringPublic Cloud: Public

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Tips to Improve Your Website Download Speed

canadian web hosting’sFor customers, website download speed is important because, these days many people purchase products, get information or services whatever they want, pay bills etc. through these websites because the Internet has changed the lifestyle of people. They perform every transaction in the internet without going for shopping, studying, seeing etc. This is done only when the website works properly

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Is Website Monitoring Important to Success of the Business?

Nowadays website searching is increasing, people are spending more time in visiting websites for getting the necessary information about products or services. Online business companies also providing all details with using websites. Websites are important for online businesses so website monitoring also important for those active websites, where increasing the website performance. Monitoring programs continuously monitors web applications to prevent the server failures where in showing the search results.

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Making the Planet Greener with Technology

Greenery of the planet is probably lesser harmful gases in the atmosphere, more trees on the planet, controlled natural disasters including temperatures of the planet.

And technology probably means silicon chips, which are harmful for the atmosphere with all its ingredients of sesame and such stuff.

How is it possible to combine these two things?

It is possible to make a planet greener with the technology, if

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Human Enhancement Technologies

Support of Transhumanists appearance and the convergence of technologies such as the nanotechnology, biotechnology, the information technology and cognitive science (NBIC), and future hypothetical technologies such as simulated reality, the artificial intelligence, the superb intelligence, the downloading spirit, and the cryonics. They believe that the human ones can and should employ these technologies to become more than the human one. They thus support the identification and/or the protection of cognitive

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