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Tips to Improve Your Website Download Speed

website monitoring serviceFor customers, website download speed is important because, these days many people purchase products, get information or services whatever they want, pay bills etc. through these websites because the Internet has changed the lifestyle of people. They perform every transaction in the internet without going for shopping, studying, seeing etc. This is done only when the website works properly. So, website owners should consider the download speed of the website in order to increase their profits because many businesses are running online and websites for these businesses should always be available to the users.

If a user wants to access your website, the page of a site is not loading or not available; business will lose its revenue and rankings. If search engine rank is lost people will not trust that website and move to other websites for shopping. However search engine rankings are given based on how fast or slow a site is loading when users are trying to access it.

Even some studies have proven that increasing download speeds for a website can have a dramatic effect on revenue even when the improvement is only minor. However, there are many ways to improve your website’s download speed.

Below are some of the tips to improve your download speed.

    site monitoring

  • Suppose if your web hosting company has too many sites on their server and are having old equipment which are not reliable, if anything improvements made for your site also no matter. Then simply switch to the other web hosting company to increase the websites download speed.
  • Remove the unnecessary code which may simply sneak into your website and this may affect the functionality of your website. Use XHTML instead of HTML in coding.
  • Never use large image sizes and wrong image format. This may takes more time to load a page. And also it is impossible for the mobile devices or tablets to view your site. So use reduced image sizes with right format can increase your download speed.
  • Using of compression software at the server side can improve the performance of your site. This technique will remove the unwanted white space within the code.
  • Computer’s cache can help you to increase your website download speed. Cache is a storage area that is located on the computers of every visitor to your site.

Reliable Web Hosting is Priceless in Success of an Online Business

The growth of online business is increasing resulting in the small businesses creating and developing their own websites. The performance of the website is important to every online business company. Reliable web hosting enables businesses to earn good revenues and results in healthy performance in competitive market.

Getting reliable web hosting services is not that easy. Once you get it, it does a great deal of good to your business. Your website slows down or does not work for a day, imagine how much loss it brings. It breaks the customers’ trust in your website and its sends unfavorable website feedback from visitors. These losses may be because of hosting website crashes.

If the website hosting company provides website monitoring also, it is an additional benefit because it identifies the errors in website applications to make active websites. Hosting services provide user friendly notice about the server advancement or development. These are useful in server performance.

Reliable web hosting prevents website crashes and improves active performance of website. It increases performance of businesses. (more…)

Is Website Monitoring Important to Success of the Business?

monitoring serviceNowadays website searching is increasing, people are spending more time in visiting websites for getting the necessary information about products or services. Online business companies also providing all details with using websites.

Websites are important for online businesses so website monitoring also important for those active websites, where increasing the website performance. Monitoring programs continuously monitors web applications to prevent the server failures where in showing the search results. Website monitoring programs monitor the website to check applications downtime, whenever they find issues in applications downtime; they immediately send alerts to administration for fixing those downtime problems.

website monitoring serviceContinuous monitoring of website prevents server failures while showing the results to activate the websites. Active websites leads to more customer retention and increases customers’ website visits. Customer retention increases the website traffic to generate more revenue.

Website monitoring is important in identifying accurately a problem affecting the website, and to provide in-depth analysis on website performance. This analysis is important for further analysis and website performance improvement. These websites increase the website traffic to generate more revenue. (more…)

How to Make Secure Settings for Facebook User Profile Page?

Facebook privacy settingsDisplaying the information which is useful for your friends to search you online is equally important to limiting the visibility of the information which is more personal, which let the hackers hack your page quiet easily. Following are the few tips which helps you to make you profile page of Facebook more secured.

Besides, all the privacy setting you made for your profile there are few things which cannot be hidden by any user, that is they will be displayed for every profile. They are called as Publicly Available Information (PAI) according to Facebook, which includes full name, profile picture, gender, and networks. These things are commonly visible to any facebook user.

However, you can reduce the visibility of the remaining information by making the necessary settings. Let us see how to choose the options that makes your profile more secure.

  • It is always better to use your full names which are hard for others to guess, but are easy for friends to recognize. It also limits the search results related to your usual name. Coming to the settings, ‘Search for me on facebook’ is available so that you can choose the people who can search for you. It is better to go for ‘Friends only’ if you want yourself limit to your friends.
  • ‘Send me friend request’ – this option doesn’t make much difference because unless you accept the request of that person you cannot view your information. So, choose ‘any/every one’ or ‘friends of friends’ since the final decisions rests on you.
  • ‘Send me a message’, ‘See my friends list’, ‘See my education and work’, See my interests and other pages’- reserve these rights only for your friends by choosing ‘Friends only’ in order to make your information more secure.
  • Finally ‘see my current city and home town’ – it is better to choose ‘only me’ or not entering that info is better.

These are the few recommendations which can help you secure your account.

Making the Planet Greener with Technology

Greenery of the planet is probably lesser harmful gases in the atmosphere, more trees on the planet, controlled natural disasters including temperatures of the planet.

And technology probably means silicon chips, which are harmful for the atmosphere with all its ingredients of sesame and such stuff.

How is it possible to combine these two things?

It is possible to make a planet greener with the technology, if it is aided with mighty brains of smart people working for the welfare of the planet.

Green technological products can range from using bio-fuel in the cars to LED bulbs in homes. Producing electricity from renewable sources, switching off TV and computer monitors when they are in standby mode, can also contribute a lot to the greenery of the planet. Fitting solar panels on houses for producing electricity for domestic purposes, using cycles instead of cars whenever possible, all come under technological efforts for helping the planet against green house gases

Human Enhancement Technologies

Support of Transhumanists appearance and the convergence of technologies such as the nanotechnology, biotechnology, the information technology and cognitive science (NBIC), and future hypothetical technologies such as simulated reality, the artificial intelligence, the superb intelligence, the downloading spirit, and the cryonics. They believe that the human ones can and should employ these technologies to become more than the human one. They thus support the identification and/or the protection of cognitive freedom, morphological freedom, and procreative freedom as civil freedoms, in order to guarantee individuals the choice to employ human technologies of improvement on themselves and their children. Some speculate that human enhancement techniques and other emerging technologies may facilitate more radical human enhancement by the midpoint of the 21st century.

A report/ratio 2002, convergent technologies to improve the human execution, commissioned by the National Science Foundation and ministry for the trade of the USA, contains descriptions and comments on the state of the science of NBIC and technology by contributing principal to these fields. The report/ratio discusses the potential uses of these technologies while putting pursuant to the goals of transhumanist of execution and health increased, and continuous work on applications envisaged of human technologies of improvement in the soldiers and the rationalization of the man-machine interface in industry. While the international discussion of convergent technologies and the concepts of NBIC includes the strong criticism of their fictitious nature of orientation of transhumanist and pled science, research on technologies of change of brain and body accelerated under the patronage of the department of the USA of the defense, which is interested by the advantages of battle field that they would provide to the supersoldiers of the United States and his allies.

How Can Internet Advertising Agency Helps You?

As the Internet continues to grow and expand, a cutting edge Internet advertising agency has to evolve to keep up. But most of us don’t know what exactly advertising agency does for you. Generally most of the agencies are offering SEO services because this process of making your website more attractive to the major search engines and more visible and usable for your visitors. Today many SEO services are relatively cheap, and also very effective. Most consumers have a tendency to trust the results in the natural results more than they do the paid results. I am not saying that paid inclusion is a bad thing because today PPC is an effective way to get your company website in front of your clients very quickly. Generally the best ad agency will be able to write ads and target keywords that will most effectively position your business.

Today every one has some negative thought about Email marketing because of spam but an agency that applies best practices can help you reach hundreds or thousands of targeted with a message that is both attractive and effective. And also some agencies refer to this process as Conversion Rate Optimization. Many websites can be more detrimental to the consumer process than helpful. If you’re too complex, or even too simplistic, you could lose customers. Like if there’s a mess of pictures, or if you don’t have enough, you could lose customers. So a good agency to make sure you avoid those pitfalls and employ the best possible website architecture. And you can develop your campaigns based on exact numbers rather than generalized estimates. And also the right Internet advertising agency is able to tailor their services to your company’s specific needs and help your site Increase search engine ranking. Finally the Internet is always changing and the best agencies are the ones that can keep up. (more…)

The Update Burden Getting Too Much on Computer Users

We have already emphasized enough on the importance of updates for computers regularly, in our previous articles. However, in the past few months the number of updates have been growing oddly burdensome to the average user. The number has grown to such extent that keeping up with the updates is turning into a second job. The Patch Tuesday is no more significant as you may expect a critical security update releasing today midnight or a set of updates the next day, giving you no time to plan. You miss them and might fall prey to the security breach – and the software vendor will simply point out your failure of not staying updated.

The software vulnerability and the updates
The updates are too technical to understand. But in simple words – a software, like the windows or the browser, is made of millions of lines of programming code. The more the features in the software, the more it adds upto to the programming code. Errors are inevitably made, while typing out these millions of lines or patching them to work together, thus leaving vulnerabilities in the software. Hackers, these days, have become more sophisticated in finding out these vulnerabilities proactively. The software vendor also works proactively to patch up the vulnerability before the hacker exploits it. These patches are released as security updates of the software.

Increasing number of updates
For the lack of a better metric lets compare the number of security bulletins released for Windows between January and April in the past 3 years, respectively. It was 16 in 2009, 29 in 2010 and 34 in 2011. As you can see, they kept increasing every year. This is not the case with just Windows. A typical Windows user will be using the following applications in common:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Reader
  • Java Console
  • Google Chrome
  • And then an antivirus or a PC protection software

And all these applications are as vulnerable as the Windows itself. And their vendors are also as proactive to release patches. And every time each of them releases an update the user will have to first download it from Internet and then patch it up with the main application. Of course each of them has a user friendly mechanism to update, but do you know what it takes to patch them all? Apart from time taken to patch, they will also consume your broadband till they are downloaded and the CPU memory till they patch up. The average sizes of each of these software updates and the number of times they were released this year are as follows:

  • Mozilla Firefox – 1.6 to 2.8 Mb (Updated 4 times in 2011 till date)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird – 1.6 to 2.8 Mb (Updated 3 times in 2011 till date)
  • Adobe Flash – 2.0 to 3.0 Mb (Updated 4 times in 2011 till date)
  • Adobe Reader – 10.0 to 18.0 Mb (Updated 1 time in 2011 till date)
  • Java Console – 17.0 Mb approximately (Updated 2 times in 2011 till date)

Windows updates range from 17 Mb to around 900 Mb and above. Google Chrome is little tricky to measure. It is even little creepy to have an application like Chrome that connects to its maker, downloads and patches up – all by itself, without even the knowledge of the user. But it still consumes your broadband and CPU memory.

The antivirus or PC protection software updates are little different from the above. They download security definitions everyday. Few vendors like Norton Internet Security, provide real time updates which keep updating more than 10 times a day. However, if all the software applications installed in your PC are perfect, why will one require to maintain a PC protection software or update its definitions daily.

Overall, we can see that lots of time and energy of the user is consumed here, apart from the broadband. In previous year, a report released by Secunia says that a typical Windows user patches for every 5 days. The days might remain the same, but the amount of time taken has definitely increased. Few times, multiple updates may come up within one week itself.

More and more people are finding it uncomfortable to track and do the updates continuously. Where could be the actual problem? Are the hackers getting intelligent or the software vendors getting stupid? Whatever it may be, the updates job is very exhausting and getting even worse.