Top 10 Challenges Faced by IT Managers

When it comes to security issues at organizational level, it is not dealing with malware that comes first but managing employees to use web in secure and efficient way. According to a report from MessageLabs Security Safeguard, the top 10 issues faced by IT managers of American companies are:

  1. Time wasting online: 86% of the IT managers surveyed said that they worry about
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Nasdaq System Faces Malware Attack

The company that owns Nasdaq Stock market, recently informed that a malware attack was identified on its servers. The story was first posted on Wall Street Journal. The Nasdaq trading was not affected as the attackers’ target was information from the boards of directors of publicly traded companies.

Going into the details, few suspicious files were found on the U.S servers by the Nasdaq OMX group

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How to Disable Autorun Feature in Windows PC

Your network might seem well protected with all the security measures you have taken from direct attacks. But a whopping 25 percent of malware today is developed to spread through USB devices. Infection through USB drives spreads undetectable into the network and makes it harder to deal with later.

The autorun feature in Windows will simply make the operating system execute anything it is told to execute by an

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Securing Your PCs from Notorious USB Drives

No amount of precautions and security measures for a network will equal the vulnerability created by a small USB device. You can see all the pain you have taken to make your network secure, crumble in a matter of seconds, due to an issue caused by a USB drive. USB drives are small, handy and convenient but one can’t imagine how notorious they are.

Few instances here will tell

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Antivirus Market Share – Q4 2010

Avast products were the most used antivirus globally, but when it comes to North America – Norton rules. A recent report from OPSWAT on quarterly market share and usage data for antivirus software for Q4 2010, said that avast antivirus product line were the most used antivirus products globally with 17.53% of market share. ESET Software and Symantec products were in following positions with 12.05% and 10.04% of

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Email Spam Volumes Fall to Lowest Level in Two Years: Symantec

A recent report from Symantec declared that spam volumes in January 2011 fell to the lowest levels, since March 2009. The spam volumes seemed to drop dramatically since 25th December of 2010 and continued its phase in January. The only time that spam volumes dropped by such a remarkable extent was after the closure of McColo, a California-based ISP in 2008, for being implicated in criminal and botnet

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Top Countries Hosting Phishing Websites – 2010

Unites States stands as a major hosting hub of phishing sites, according to a report from OpenDns. According to the report, more than 60,000 separate attempts came from websites hosted in the U.S.

The following are top countries hosting phishing websites in 2010:

  1. United States — 53.8%
  2. Germany — 6.3%
  3. Canada — 5.2%
  4. United Kingdom — 4.8%
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Vulnerabilities Found in Google Chrome

Secunia has recently released an security advisory on Google Chrome asking users to update to the latest version (8.0.552.237) of the browser. According to the advisory, multiple vulnerabilities have been found on the browser that can be exploited by malicious people to manipulate certain data and potentially compromise a user’s system.

The vulnerabilities are as follows:
1) An unspecified error exists within the extensions notification handling.


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Being Secure from Drive-by Malware

Despite high levels of investment on security tools like firewall, anti-malware, etc and precaution measures like safe browsing, etc many Internet users still fail to keep their PCs from getting infected. This can be attributed to the lower awareness levels on the increasing types of malware which evolve with new tactics and also negligence in updating the application software of PC regularly. Drive-by malware is one such

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