Books by Leaders ~ John C Maxwell

Books by Leaders

John C Maxwell is a renowned leadership expert, entrepreneur, speaker, coach and author. He founded EQUIP and the John Maxwell Company, and trained more than five million leaders in 126 countries. He has inspired numerous Fortune 500 companies, international government organizations, non-profit and educational institutions.

Best Books by Leaders ~ Jack Welch

Books by Leaders

Jack Welch is a renowned business leader and author. Jack Welch was chairman and CEO of General Electric (GE) during 1981-2001. After he retired, he traveled around the world and spoke on a wide range of topics. He has written many books useful to small business owners. We will discuss two of them.

Top 10 Communication Books for Small Businesses


Communication plays a critical role at personal as well as professional level. Small business owners need to understand that without communication it will be really difficult to interact with their employees, clients, customers and business partners. Therefore, reading communication books will help them in communicating effectively. Following are top 10 communication books for small businesses.

Innovative Management Methods from Real Life – Holacracy

Business Planning Self Development

The Las Vegas-based online retailer Zappos – replaced the traditional top-down hierarchy approach with a new Holacracy approach where there are no formal bosses, no job titles and where the employees set their own priorities. This innovative approach was developed by a business guru Brain Robertson with the idea to give employees more of voice and to keep the organization from becoming too rigid or bureaucratic.

This model is

Apache OpenOffice vs LibreOffice


It is importanat for any organization to have software tools that reduces the time spent by employees and increases productivity thus, fetching good results for an organization.
Office suit is one such tool that helps organization in drafting documents, giving presentations, performing calculations and managing databases.

MS Office suit is the most popular tool and is a proprietary product of Microsoft. It is a paid tool and quite expensive

Top – 10 Risk Management Books


Risk management plays a critical role in every organization. This is because risk is the primary cause of uncertainty in an organization. Thereby, organizations focus on identifying, assessing and taking economic control of different risks. This helps to make effective decisions in the future. Large organizations have separate risk management department whereas for a small business may or may not have it. So, it is always recommended to read risk