Basic Webpages a Small Business’s Website Must Have

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Small businesses need to understand that a well designed website creates a positive impression about the business in the minds of customers. For that they need to make sure that their website has the main pages such as home page, about us, products, newsroom and contact us page. In this article, we will discuss about the main webpages a small business website should have.

Homepage: This is the main

Top 10 Books for Entrepreneurs


Books can give new ideas and solutions to problems we commonly encounter. A good book can is a self-help guide. Book meant for entrepreneurs benefit their self and the whole organization by applying them. Following are ten books worth reading for entrepreneurs.

Books for Start-Up Business Owners


Start-up business owners encounter many problems with regard to their businesses. Some of them are internal. These include finance, machinery, human resources, etc. Other factors are external and include competition, the state of economy, changing consumer behavior, etc. These are all challenges for these business owners. Here are books that are likely to help them manage their business better.

Benefits of Establishing Goals and Objectives for a Business

Business Planning

Establishing goals and objectives is very important for every business because, they clearly tell business owners what they want to achieve. Without establishing goals and objectives, doing business is like going on a road without knowing the destination and struggling to find a place in present marketplace.

Many people have perception that goals and objectives are same. They are however not the same. Business goals are a set of

Effective Ways to Address Negative Reviews on Yelp

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Yelp has become the most popular business review site on the Internet. Most people today are relying on Yelp to determine the credibility of local businesses like restaurants, auto repair shops, real estate brokers, etc. Yelp is known as the most trusted source for local business reviews because of its strict standards. Yelp uses filters that can effectively figure out fake and false reviews thus makes it difficult to crack

Top 10 Personality Development Books for SMB Owners


Running a small business is challenging. It needs not only business acumen but also a congenial personality of the owner. SMB owners need to deal with groups with diverse business outlooks. They include, customers, vendors, service providers and the like. It is important that SMB owners have good personal disposition to meet these challenges.

Top 10 Marketing Books for Small Businesses


Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers. ~ Charles W. Eliot

Unlike big business owners, small business owners have the burden of taking care of every single aspect of their organization from recruitment to marketing, finance to accounts, managing employees to managing vendors, etc. We will discuss on managing all these

How safe are you browsing with Firefox?

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Mozilla Firefox is a popular browser used by millions of Internet users all around the world. The coolest feature of Mozilla Firefox is its compatibility to add more and more plugins and enable yourself with advanced browsing.

However, we need to update our plugins as soon as a new version is available. Updates of these plugins will not only cover new features of the plugin, but