Know About the Recruiter Before You Hire

May be you are in a confusion after looking at the title. Let me make you clear about that first. Hiring a recruiter means, hiring a recruiting firm to carry the process of recruitment for your organization. Many companies either due to lack of time or lack of expertise tend to outsource their recruiting processes to the companies which can provide right candidates at the appropriate time. This is generally

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Things Which are Helpful During the Time of Interview

Many people often overlook little things especially at the time of interview. They seem to be simple but at the end they cost them their job. These little things make much difference as they are what which creates the first impression which is often called as the best impression. So, ignoring these things is not at all helpful and in turn lands the candidates in trouble. Here are few tips

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“What To Do” and “What Not To Do” in the Interview

In the interview process the interviewer must know about what to do and what not to do in the interview. This will helpsthe interviewer to conduct effective interview.

What to do: In the interview process the, interviewer must do the homework before the interview, and doing job analysis is also important in the hiring process. Reviewing the job description, and prepares some standard questions. The questions should be prepared

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